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Found Free Android Themes. Download Android Themes for free to your mobile phone or tablet. Why not share and showcase your android theme downloads with Mobiles24? Click here to upload your themes to Mobiles Select Device Set your device: Set phone. You have Javscript disabled in your browser.

Mobiles24 requires Javascript to be enabled to function correctly. Downloads Free Android Themes All. Free Android Themes. Page 1 of free Android Themes. New Featured Popular Top Rated. Shiny Golden Glittery Peacocks theme by Artchilly. Knit Style winter launcher Theme by Artchilly. Lord Shiva Parvati Theme by Artchilly.

Please don't touch my phone theme by Artchilly. Galaxy S10 Wallpaper Theme by Artchilly. Glossy Marble Style Theme by Artchilly. Love teddy cartoon theme by Artchilly. Fancy Galaxy Rose girl launcher theme by Artchilly. Luxury Gold Feather Theme by Artchilly. Forum Topics. Voice Search App The tech scene today is flooded with a mind-boggling range of mobile apps. For those looking for inspiration to sharpen their design skills, the hands-on experience and templates provided by industry experts and professionals will be a great help.

We have hand-picked the 23 best mobile app templates which offer great UI experience, covering everything from photography to news, games to recipes, real estate to online shopping, and much more.

Download Here. This is a quiz app template for Android, with a PHP backend. It lists all the main features including the categories, questions, scoring, and multiplayer, etc. The list system is logical and clear, very easy to learn.

mobile app themes free

The Audio can be also used to provide quiz prompts, and integrating Google Leaderboard enables users to share their scores with friends in real time.

It enables you to set up your own news platform with minimal effort. You can even add multiple languages other than English! This App template offers real-time positioning and navigation with eight different color schemes.

It also supports animation, responsive design, and has other advanced features. One big advantage of this App is that it will store the data in the local SQL database, minimizing reliance on your Internet connection. This is a cooking app helping users share and organize their recipes. It has different categories accessible from both the home screen and menu. Users can also set up push notifications, make in-App purchases, compile shopping lists, and much more.

Finally, this app is particularly useful for beginners. The wide range of applications, including agency, creative studio, freelance, personal, or indeed any type of business service, gives it great potential as a practical tool. Like the other business apps, it has all the usual commercial features like Shop, Booking, Feed, Gallery, Personal Profile, Chat, and so forth.

Each of them has a beautiful UI design with logical interaction.

mobile app themes free

To enable users to create their own app quickly, this template is highly customizable, allowing them to choose any of the available features for a quick build. This is a complete Android app-design template with more than objects and 10 prebuilt scenes.

It is easy to drag and drop the various rich components to build your own scenes, and it works for mobile or web. All the kits are suitable for any app design, web design, or software project. Nowadays, more and more mobile apps benefit from well-crafted UI design with beautiful interfaces and smooth animation.

The days of ugly and slow Android apps are long gone. Even though this is just a concept design, it offers an inspiring resource for designers looking to create excellent Android apps. This is a job-search template for Android app. All the elements in this template have flat-design styles. The app also provides an inspirational card UI design from which you can use vibrant colors to create a fashionable mobile app.

But, there was no single template that specialized in the interactions of material design. This template fills that gap — it is just what we need to produce great interactions when building Android apps. It's time to kiss goodbye to that old stereotype of the unromantic Android app! With this app, you can access most of the interactions you need for app building, such as filtering, scrolling images, adding albums, swiping, video player, expanding, and many more.

This is a highly-customizable photography template which offers a variety of highlighted features, including filters, tonal adjustments, cropping, resizing, and integration of text and video. Users can share their photos on various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If you agree that having a good plan is half the battle, then this template will be just your cup of tea. This is one of the most popular project management Apps, with unlimited tasks and reminder lists. It has a range of cool features that will appeal to developers in the market for an organizing App.There are thousands of Bootstrap themes out there and all of them are responsive.

However, even though they in theory display on devices with any size, some of these themes are more suitable for a mobile-first site than others. This is why I gathered an article with 10 free Bootstrap themes I consider especially suitable for a mobile-first site. Most of them are simple, clean, and uncluttered Bootstrap themes that will look adequately on almost any device size. Here are my top 10 free Bootstrap themes. If you are looking for a simple sidebar theme with responsive off-canvas navigation aimed at small screen sizes in particular, try this theme.

Unlike many other responsive themes — Bootstrap or not — this one is created specifically for mobiles and other small screen size devices. For those of you who are into Material Designthis Material Kit is a blessing. The kit follows the principles of Material Design by Google and it offers 60 handcrafted components, 2 customized plugins, 3 example pages and more.

The kit comes in a free and a paid version. This Bootstrap theme — Nova — is a multipurpose site template. If you are interested mainly in themes for a site of a small company, agency, or freelancer, check this theme.

Hyperspace has a clean and simple design with navigation on the side and a huge area for content on the rest of the screen. The theme comes with lots of predefined elements, such as texts, headings, lists, buttons, tables, forms, images, etc.

Even though this theme is targeted mainly at freelancer sites, it can be used on other types of small business sites, too. It also includes a PHP file you can edit for the Contact form page. This is why I included a few free Bootstrap templates for the most popular Content Management System, too. The first free Bootstrap WordPress theme is Housepress.

Housepress is a three column theme with menu at the top. On the contrary, it is a nice WordPress theme for the WooCommerce plugin. If you are running an online store with the WooCommerce plugin, this theme is a top choice.

ShopIsle is a one page Bootstrap theme for WordPress and it is one of my personal favorites. I really like its clean and minimal layout that puts the product in the center. One of its unique features is that it comes with a video ribbon.Smartphones have a deep penetration in the markets across the world.

Many businesses across the globe have started their businesses by aiming only at those who use smartphones. And, they have been very successful. With the growth of app development as a field of study in colleges and universities, the app technology has not only become accessible but also has advanced by leaps and bounds. There is a wide difference between aiming your customers through a website and doing the same through your mobile application.

When you have a website and ask your customers to log on to it, they must search for your website on google, navigate through the search results, and find your business. Your customers are just one click away from getting to know about your business. If it is too complex, users will run away from it. Internet users nowadays have become habitual to single-click functions where there is very little information to read.

You must follow this trend in order to be successful. Stuffing the interface with too many details, tabs, and CTA buttons can turn the user awry.

mobile app themes free

There is a difference between planning the design of a website and that of a mobile app. A website is for a desktop and hence you have the freedom of space to accentuate your creativity. But, for an app, you must convey through a very limited area. Some tips amongst many are keeping the menus well organized, clean, not too many flowers around it, keeping the font size appropriate so that people can read it properly and keeping the size of the button big enough so that they are clickable.

Our free mobile app templates satisfy all the necessities required to make your app user friendly. They come with some of the best features in the field of app development and installing them will take no time. And, if you are thinking that you need to get a team of developers and shower your hard-earned cash on the project, then let us tell you that you are wrong!

You can download them by following the instructions given in the blog post here and simply start using them. It is a simple step by step process. The app interfaces of all these templates offer you smoothest user experience in terms of navigation.

Most of the templates have all important cards and widgets in the long scrollable home page. The use of high-end coding makes these pages scroll smoothly with real-time touch and flawless precision. The collection of templates has more than 80 designs suitable for all types of businesses. The categories include transport, hotel, mobile recharge, medical, holiday planning, etc. Some of them are even customizable giving you the flexibility to use them as you like.

Free WordPress Mobile App Theme

The designs look so professional that once you download them, you will realize they are more than their worth. When users are on your app you must make sure that they can access your services with a minimum amount of clicks and information entered. The concise forms in our mobile app templates especially in those which belong to hotel booking and travel niche ask only necessary details which are easy to enter.

The entry boxes are spacious enough making it easy to type in the right information. How quickly you engage the attention of your users decides the success of your business. In this aspect, showing impressive numbers so your customers can create a strong brand for you. Almost all our mobile app templates have number counters supported by trendy iconology.

They can be about the number of customers, number of awards, number of branches, followers, blog posts if you are a blogger or number of downloads if you are running a software development company. Different types of contact buttons allow your users to get in touch with you whether it may be an emergency or just to give honest feedback about your services.

As a growing business, these inputs are vital, because implementing them can help you to grow exponentially. Menus allow users to access different parts of a website. They are placed right at the top of the page so that users find them right in front of their eyes. Browsing the whole website is right on their fingertips.It would be nice if the wallpaper picture had a button somewhere to access the information about the bing picture you're viewing.

I had Bing desktop installed before, with the only purpose of getting the wallpapers. Now I can get rid of it and use this app instead. It is a very useful app. The only problem is that it mistakenly changes the background. It's been two days that background is not the bing photo. Works good but does not update if computer goes to sleep. The program needs to be updated so it updates when the computer comes out of sleep or so you can set a time to update.

Don't want a single static wallpaper? This is the app to get. Seriously, this is super well put together and feels like it should be a part of the Windows 10 operating system. Excellent design, but sadly suffers from the same failures as the other bing daily wallpaper apps, it doesn't change daily - automatically.

Is there any solution for this?

Best Android Launchers (2020)

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Dynamic Theme. Wish list. See System Requirements. Available on HoloLens. Show More. People also like. VLC Rated 4 out of 5 stars. ACG Player Rated 4. Windows App Studio Installer Rated 4. Microsoft Messaging Rated 3 out of 5 stars. GroupMe Rated 4. Interop Tools Preview Rated 4.

Windows Voice Recorder Rated 3 out of 5 stars. Ax-Lite Video Player Rated 4. Additional information Published by Christophe Lavalle.

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Top free apps. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 results. Start-Theme Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Pimp my Band Rated 4. WPDesktop Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Super Win Rated 3. Sticker Emoticons Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

StartTiles Rated 3. Pic2Band Rated 2 out of 5 stars. Open in new tab. Sign me up Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store.

Sign up. Thank you! Talk to an expert. Text chat.Apps no longer need to have a drab or boring look. Nor do you have to stay contented with pre-set formats. Introducing the all new themes that can help you design your app like a work of art. The theme for the app would determine the subsequent Navigation Layout, Color schemes and Backgrounds.

From Nature to Geometric shapes to Shade variations — a myriad of themes help you create your masterpiece with a simple click of a button. For those who wish to create the App design from scratch, there are hundreds of background templates for the app to choose from. Nature, Vintage, Art and pattern, Geometric, Blurred are the various categories of backgrounds to be explored for creating an app with killer looks.

You can now make an app with new themes and new templates with the help of the Style and Navigation section. Here you can change things like your theme, you can select your navigational layout, you can change the style of your app, and you can change colors of all the content.

You can change an app background, and you can also change any of your app info, such as the name of your app and your app icon. App Themes help users unify various elements of the application profile. The attractive themes for apps help them look different from all the other mobile applications. For example, if we are creating a college application, there are millions of students out there looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. A strong and effective application theme can instantly set applicants apart and offer a compelling story to college admissions readers.

Having a clear image of what you want can help you choose the desired colors and patterns. Finding the perfect themes for apps is not that simple. You can download the theme you like and apply it to your mobile application in just a few easy steps.

The app builder offers theme configuration and plugin settings that are easy to use. Using this app, you can download free themes for apps just in a few seconds. Moreover, you can apply these themes to your mobile applications with just a tap. To make this process quick for the users, Appy Pie performs extensive testing on the themes before they are published.

Appy Pie offers a themes app that contains a variety of customized colors, layouts, social icons, fonts, and other variables. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

mobile app themes free

Accept Cookies Learn More Here. New Themes. Customize your app to look like it just landed out of your own imagination. Get Started.

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